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An island country lying off the south-eastern coast of Africa, Madagascar is the world's fourth largest island, the second-largest island country and the 46th largest country in the world. This incredible micro-continent offers huge diversity, with around 90% of species being endemic to the island, including 50 different species of Lemur. An exhilarating helicopter ride over mountains, baobabs and shipwrecks dotting the wild coastline ends in a gentle landing on a remote private island off the coast of Madagascar. Rediscover your sense of wonder at Miavana by Time & Tide, a place filled with beauty and relaxed elegance, surrounded by an unspoiled horizon. 

Thank you to Time + Tide Miavana for use of their video

some of our favourite things to see and do in Madagascar
  • Set foot in pristine forests in search of some of Madagascar's most iconic species such as the Lemur and Chameleon

  • Discover vibrant reefs, sea turtles and manta rays as you dive below turquoise coloured waters

  • Take to the skies on a thrilling helicopter excursion

  • Test your balance with a spot of stand-up paddleboarding and if you are really balanced then SUP yoga may be for you!

  • Experience the thrill of deep-sea fishing as you cast your line for a Giant Trevally, Bluefin, Sailfish or Barracuda

  • Take a moment to soak up the spacious island luxury in your very own ocean-front villa

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