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  • Explore the flourishing ecosystem of the living dunes by quad bike and track down some local wildlife

  • Listen out for the barking geckos that become active at sunset

  • Enjoy a scenic helicopter flight over the breathtaking expanse of the desert

Namibia is a country of infinite opportunities and diversity, from its topography and people to its culture and wildlife. The country’s southern region is dominated by wide open spaces, silence and solitude, highlighted by the breathtakingly beautiful Sossusvlei; a clay pan formed when the shifting sands of the Namib smothered the course of the Tsauchab River. A highly recommended addition to all Southern African itineraries, Namibia charms its way into your soul, ensuring that you will carry a piece of it with you wherever you go

some of our favourite things to do and see in Namibia
  • A picturesque hot air balloon ride over the Namib desert - a must do!

  • Get lost in the deep secrets of the African sky with star-gazing

  • Conquer the towering 'Big Daddy' sand dune and visit Dead Vlei with its 900 years dead Camel thorn trees

  • Wine and dine with a private dinner under the Sossusvlei stars


destination inspiration

A glimpse into what Namibia has to offer, here to inspire your next journey

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